It’s difficult to define Adria Garcia and her work. Mostly because her life and her work are so interconnected. She is an installation artist, a painter, a designer, a curator, a mother, a connector, and much more. She is perhaps best known for her role as proprietor of Indian Summer, a vintage clothing store on a quiet corner in Capitol Hill. For Garcia, maintaining this shop as a place for people to connect with themselves and others through self-expression is just as important as the clothes she sells.

“This store is more than a business to me,” she told us. “It’s a life philosophy. I want there to be places like this in the world. Places where thrifted clothing is affordable, where young artists can share their art with the community, where we can get money out of the equation of art and music. [Garcia regularly lends her space to artists for no fee at all.] I want my daughter to grow up in a killer world, and the first step is creating an atmosphere like this. An atmosphere where she and anyone else can have the space to be a fulfilled human being.”

For Garcia, Indian Summer is just one piece of a larger creative practice that's about finding a sense of self. “My art is me tapping into the deeper energy,” Garcia says. “It’s about me tapping into who I am, completely. And part of that is providing the platform, the place to help others tap into their own power.”

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Wearing: Starting with my ears, the gold and silver “I love you” hoops were a gift from my husband when I was pregnant. I adore them and him, and will cherish them forever. My black silk cloak is one of my wardrobe staples. I purchased it on Etsy and wear it at least once a week. When I first got it, I wore it everyday for two months. Now that’s love.

Nursing bras have become a huge part of my life since I just had my baby. I was fortunate enough to thrift this lace gem and two others like it. The thrift gods were smiling on me that day. Now, I just rock them as tops and save a little time. My wideleg electric floral print pants I scored at Bon Voyage Vintage in Belltown. I hadn’t worn pants in years until I found these. My jewels: the gold and black glass bracelet I received from my mother, who has a killer eye and a huge collection of glorious jewelry. The black bracelet I found and spray-painted years ago. The double skull ring is my engagement ring. It started as a joke, purchased by my dude for $1 at a flea market, but it's become one of my prized possessions.

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Style in three words: Powerful. Bizarre. MINE.

Closet you’d most like to raid: So many! First, Constance Awenasa—vintage treasures galore. Shannon Perry: gimme. Kim Selling: chains and crop tops, yes please. Jenni Ravetz for her pattern explosions. Steven Dolan: perfection. Robbie Turner, drag superstar who believes sequins are, in fact, daywear...I'll stop there.

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Digital inspiration: I'm inspired by those around me—my friends, my shoppers, my community. I'm inspired by nature, by music, by life. I don't spend much time online; my eyes eat up the real world and are always hungry for more.

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