Tour books from Pearl Jam Videographer and archivist Kevin Shuss. 

If you were not at last night’s first Home Show—and judging by the length of the lines, it felt like everyone was there—you may wonder if the MoPOP’s new Pearl Jam: Home and Away is a fitting stand in. Well, if you’re really into Pearl Jam minutia—like multitude different screen-printed t-shirts or a whole slate of “All Access” passes—get yourself to MoPOP.

In sheer quantity of memorabilia, the exhibit is one of biggest the museum has put on. Curators estimate that some last-minute additions pushed the total number of pieces near 500. (The Nirvana exhibition totals around 200.) But most of this is pretty expected: There are t-shirts, posters, setlists, flannels and boots and Ramones shirts that Mr. Vedder donned on stage, smashed Flying-V guitars, the lyrics to “Soon Forget” lodged in a Smith Corona typewriter, and a “Sound Temple”—basically a room with a Pearl Jam jukebox and some band videos projected on the wall.

Casual fans and music history buffs can find points of curiosity. A handwritten letter from Barack Obama to Eddie, doodles in the margins of Vedder’s notebooks that seem like private cognates to his on-stage song ramblings (there’s also a gloriously expected drawing of a cigarette hovering over a glass of red wine). Some Stone Gossard paintings were, to me, most interesting: three butcher-paper-like sheets with watercolor quaintness. They hang above other artifacts in a case nonchalantly, the lack of art-gallery decorum somehow making them more compelling, a glimpse into the private work of titans. 

Pearl Jam: Home and Away
Aug 11–early 2019, Museum of Popular Culture, $28 (standard museum walk-up entry)

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