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Celebrate 10 Years of SAM Remix

The intermittent arts bash celebrates an anniversary at Olympic Sculpture Park.

By Stefan Milne August 21, 2018

SAM Remix 2017. 

When the first SAM Remix was held in 2008, it may have seen smaller crowds, but the event was surprisingly similar to what you can still experience. Since the inception, programmers wanted a dynamic event with live music and DJs that also engaged with the depth of the museum’s art.

Similar afterhours museum events cropped up around the country around the same time, but Remix, says SAM’s manager of public programs Philip Nadasdy, is one of the most enduring. Since 2008 events have regularly sold out. And in that time span Remix has become an event where various artistic mediums, and the different social sets that accompany them, converge: DJs rub shoulders with artists and museum goers hobnob with the dance crowd. 

SAM Remix 2017. 

The next edition of the thrice-yearly art party—which lands this Friday, August 24 at Olympic Sculpture Park—celebrates Remix’s 10th Anniversary with one of the biggest celebrations to date. Local husband and wife artists Julie Alpert (think found-object and mixed media installations with lots of drippy colors) and Andy Arkley (think lighted, gleefully emphatic plywood and acrylic monoliths) will lead art-making experiences. Adria Garcia of Indian Summer will demonstrate her weaving prowess. And DJ J-Justice, a Remix alum, will bring the beats, along with local bands Duke Evers and Unlikely Friends. 

As with most Remix events, this’ll almost certainly sell out, and tickets are not available onsite. To purchase tickets and see the rest of the extensive programing, head to the microsite.

SAM Remix: 10
Aug 24, Olympic Sculpture Park, $30

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