Sean Barton's Red Hands

Sean Barton

Sean Barton’s paintings iterate. Maybe that’s a canvas of red hands repeated in multitude gestures or blue hearts that vary subtly. Maybe that’s the lines of a room, its cabinets and bricks, repeated and repeatedly shifted until the space becomes a maze. Opening reception from 6–8pm. 

Karen Kunc's Water + Smoke, showing at Davidson Galleries. 

Polychromatic Perspectives

Davidson Galleries
Nine artists contribute to this exhibition of colorful abstract works. In Akiko Taniguchi’s collographs an image of a quotidian things (a child’s room, a sunflower) might bend until they look like amoebas seen through a microscope. Seattleite Virginia Hungate-Hawk’s etchings find the moving lines inherent in our jagged horizons. And Karen Kunc’s woodcut prints break down the barriers of natural dichotomies. Opening reception from 6–8pm. 

Eric Beltz's Dawn Sky Crescent Moon, showing at Prographica / KDR Gallery. 

Fred Stonehouse and Eric Beltz

Prographica / KDR     
Fred Stonehouse’s paintings are deeply absurd—discomfiting, dreamlike, and often funny. See, for example, “The Deepest Wounds”: an animal with a pear tree growing from its antlers and blood drops raining from the sky. Meanwhile Beltz’s New Skies collection is as much geometrical as astronomical, combining the mesmeric qualities of both. Imagine Starry Night recast, fractal-like, in black and white. Opening reception from 6–8pm. 

Don Fels's Shell Drawing, showing at Linda Hodges Gallery. 

Don Fels and Tarran Sklenar

Linda Hodges Gallery
Seattle artists and writer Don Fels shows some of his mixed media work, which incorporates objects like wood, print, and terracotta. And  Tarran Sklenar’s big colorful brushstrokes render canvases both abstract and moving—like some phantasmagoric windstorm. Opening reception, 6–8pm. 

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