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15 Artists to Catch at Capitol Hill Block Party

Besides the headliners.

By Seattle Met Staff July 18, 2018

Capitol Hill Block Party 2017. 

Image: Paige Smith


Dude York 4pm (Main Stage)
Seattle trio Dude York is reliably goofy and affable. They're also proof positive that pop punk isn't dead and never needed spiky hair and studded Hot Topic bracelets. While the sun's still out, they're the way to start the weekend. –Stefan Milne

Yaeji 5pm (Main Stage)
“Who is that?” is all you have time to say before you shut up and give in to Yaeji’s body-jiggling house basslines. But her voice slides so nonchalantly from English to Korean incanting, from a tender “Passionfruit” rendition to an arousing four-on-the-floor clapper, that she hypnotizes rather than domineers. –Mac Hubbard

FKL 6pm (Vera Stage)
In addition to helming Orphan Radio, Seattle’s own direct link to the UK pirate radio scene, Joe Gillick and Sage Redman appear throughout the city as FKL, synthesizing punchy house with ghostly industrial intonation akin to early Factory Records releases. Coming off an excellent set at Upstream this year, the two now seem to be reaping some deserved attention for their contribution to the local music scene. –MH

Sol 6:30pm (Main Stage)
Sol, a local hip-hop vet, has been lauded as the next Macklemore. The Shoreline native first appeared on the nation’s radar when his 2012 album Yours Truly shot to No. 1 on the US iTunes hip-hop chart, and he’s enjoyed a steady stream of success since. His self-effacing songs shine with sharp instrumentation and his live shows have locals ready to proclaim him a local deity. –Landon Groves

The Black Tones 7:30pm (Barboza Stage)
While the pool of bands proclaiming their Nirvana a predecessor has run long and deep and largely mediocre, surely The Black Tones have found something new there: They herald themselves as a mix of "Kurt Cobain and cornbread." Though in reality their bluesy, black-power punk has more in common with the sounds of the White Stripes and the Black Keys. –SM


Hibou 5:15pm (Neumos Stage)
Seattle-based artist Hibou often feels like Real Estate’s off-kilter, acid-eating cousin. The group, headed by Craft Spells’ former drummer Peter Michel, takes polished pop songs and coats them in a psychedelic veneer that brings out darker, richer textures. –LG

Parisalexa 6:15pm (Vera Stage)
Even though she's been making music her whole life, 19-year-old Parisalexa is in the midst of a sort of debut year. She released the Flexa mixtape and a Bloom EP, a soul album abundant with botanical metaphor and vocals so pristine they sound sun-touched. –SM

Sundries 7:45pm (Barboza Stage)
Whereas this once decidedly alternative Capitol Hill festival has steadily turned its ears toward more glittery, popular acts in recent years, local band Sundries injects a dose of the straightforward guitar-bass-and-drums formula into one of the smaller stages. –MH

Gavin Turek 8:45pm (Vera Stage)
Pop princess Gavin Turek is well on her way to becoming the West Coast’s disco queen. She’s most well known for her collaborations with electronic artist TOKiMONSTA, but Turek’s solo work is a laboratory where heartbreak and dance music are fused. Originally aspiring to be a dancer, she spent years training and traveling abroad, and it shows in her live performances. –LG

Great Grandpa 10pm
Is that Weezer? Wait, did they get good again? And add a female vocalist? No, it's just Seattle's Great Grandpa brushing any antiquating dust off of pop grunge anthems. –SM


Capyac 2pm (Vera Stage)
Capyac offers its take on the nu-disco craze that’s been sweeping the internet for the past decade. The duo basks in its own weirdness, having recently having thrown an avant garde fashion show and premiered one of the strangest music videos of 2017. Expect, if nothing else, a memorable performance. –LG

Bully 3:45 (Main Stage)
That Sub Pop produced this grungey outfit’s 2017 record felt like an act of divine matchmaking. Undeniably, Bully echoes Courtney Love and Hole, weaving melodic threads and bouts of female screeching against a backdrop of distorted guitar. Yet the raw-sounding result leaves no lingering nostalgia. –MH

Overcoats 5pm (Vera Stage)
The first bars of Overcoats's Young sound like an etherial a cappella dispatch from Appalachia. Then waves of pulsing electro-soul rush in and you don't know quite where you are, but you certainly aren't opposed to staying. Ideal for those who are looking to start coming down early. –SM

Amber Mark 6:10pm (Vera Stage)
Amber Mark’s efforts to date seem like seedlings of stardom, lacking only a runaway hit help her rise into the ranks of Kali Uchis or Jorja Smith. For the time being, she’s a safe bet for a sunny performance free of stampeding competition for a good spot. –MH

Two Feet 9pm (Vera Stage)
Since the very beginning, Two Feet has found inventive ways to blend electronic, blues, and soul music to craft emotionally wrought ballads that actually make you want to get up and dance. In fact, at this very moment the East Coast artist is resting comfortably at the top of Billboard’s alternative chart, and has been for most of July. See for yourself what all the fuss is about. –LG

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