Equilibre Sur I Horizon by Joan Miró. 

Joan Miró

Davidson Galleries
Catalan painter Joan Miró fused surrealism with abstract art to create a style that, while always beguiling, never seems abstruse. Pleasure is everywhere in these lithographs—splashes of color, figures that feel at once hieroglyphic and modern. Opening reception, 6–8pm.

Deborah Butterfield

Greg Kucera Gallery
Since the late 1970s, Deborah Butterfield has incorporated found materials into her larger-than-life horse sculptures. In this new exhibit, she shapes the pack animal’s imposing figures using debris from all over, including some still making its way to this side of the Pacific Ocean following the 2011 tsunami in Japan. The resulting sculptures call to mind the inescapable nature of objects even as they find new significance. Opening reception, 6–8pm. – Mac Hubbard

Stay Put by Lisa Golightly. 

Zac Culler and Lisa Golightly

Linda Hodges Gallery
This dual show features two Northwest artists. Seattleite Zac Culler’s works range from natural portraiture to walleyed mandalas to cartoons of a naked Trump with a mosquito proboscis for genitalia. Meanwhile Portlander Lisa Golightly’s paintings come on like half-forgotten memories. Details smear, whole landscapes appear whited out, and the effect is a sort of existential austerity—but the riveting humanist kind, like Camus sentences. Opening reception, 6–8pm.

Poet Anastacia-Renee. 

Poetry in a Time of Chaos

Mount Analogue
Seattle Civic Poet Anastacia-Renee closes her Speak to Me series—a free intergenerational workshop—with an interactive poetry instillation. That will include a blow-up poem environment, complete with huggable glowing orbs and Anastacia-Renee’s visual art. Throughout June, she’ll also host workshops in the instillation. Opening reception, 5–10pm.

Image: Statix

Objects of Affection

Statix Gallery
Nearly 50 artists went hunting for used objects, for less than $20, that they could turn into art— maybe a bag of shredded U.S. currency, maybe an old globe—each of which becomes a work in this multi-artist show. Opening reception, 5–10pm.

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