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Shawn Huckins, George Washington (The Athenaeum Portrait): LOL Nope.

Shawn Huckins: Athenaeum (I Can’t Pretend That This Is Poetry)
Foster/White Gallery
The reverence of American mythology converges with contemporary internet jargon in this new exhibit by Shawn Huckins. Recreating by hand the classic American portraits and landscape paintings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, then intruding on their stateliness with meme-ready white text and imagery, Huckins bridges two vast frontiers: the new world, from which the American concept emerged and spread across the continent, and the internet, where the instantaneousness of communication gave rise to new language. Opening reception, 6–8pm

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Party Hat: The Art Show
Party Hat Gallery
This self-titled show at Party Hat—the new collaborative art space run by Mary Anne Carter and Adj McColl features work from dozens of local cross-genre artists including Neon Saltwater, Jennifer Zwick, and Brandon Vosika. As the name implies, expect glitter, costumes, and general tomfoolery. Opening reception, 5–9pm

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What We Treasure: Stories from Yesler Terrace
Soil Gallery
Yesler Terrace, the public housing development built in 1941, was the first racially integrated community in the U.S. As it undergoes rapid transformation, artists and community members come together to create art and share the myriad, international stories of the residence. Opening reception, 6–8pm

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Treason Gallery
The new post-graffiti group exhibition takes the art form off the alleyways, derelict walls, and underused buildings and showcases it in the gallery. The presented work from the 20 participating artists maintains the visual language of street art— the vivid color and line work—highlighting the abstract expressionist roots of graffiti culture. Opening reception, 6–9pm

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