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Satpreet Kahlon's piece Contending with the insufficiency of memorial (while trying for meaning regardless) at Gallery4Culture.

Mon, Oct 30 
Who’s Watching Us? A History of Mass Surveillance Since 9/11
According to best-selling author and investigative journalist Pratap Chatterjee, Angry Birds—the mobile game sensation in which smart phone users catapult bird cartoons at walls—actually plays a role in mass surveillance. In his new book Verax, Chatterjee tells a vivid and often surprising story of post-9/11 government-sponsored data-mining and drone warfare. Impact Hub, $5

Mon, Oct 30
Ask the Oracle: Richard Chiem, Meredith Clark, and Marie-Caroline Moir
Local poet and professor Johnny Horton emcees Ask the Oracle, an event that predicts the future through Seattle-based writers' manuscripts. This round's literary profits include Richard Chiem, who just re-released his first full length book You Private Person through Sorry House press this fall, poet and writer Meredith Clark, and poet Marie-Caroline Moir. Sorrento Hotel, Free

Wed, Nov 1
My Samurai
Part of Pork Filled Production's Unleashed—a series celebrating the best in today's pulp stories—playwright Celeste Mari Williams presents her new play My Samurai. Protagonist Wanda is busy navigating obstacles of the millennial dating scene when her samurai ancestor appears. As if her life wasn't already complicated enough, Wanda must now find a healthy balance between bushido and wine bars. A discussion with Williams follows the performance. Theatre Off Jackson, $5–$10

Wed, Nov 1
Maria Hinojosa
Multiple Emmy award–winning journalist Maria Hinojosa is one of the most prominent reporters covering U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In her talk, "Testing the Limits of Due Process Denial: Latinos and Immigrants as the Canaries in the Mine," she argues that a denial of due process for undocumented people poses a threatening precedent that could extend beyond ICE and affect American citizens. Kane Hall at the University of Washington, Free

Thu, Nov 2
David Hytone 
The surreal paintings of David Hytone combine the visual noise of collage with the geometry associated with three-dimensional art—impulses he sometimes translates to craft actual objects. His new show features both paintings and ceramic objects, inviting viewers to see symmetry and logic in chaos. Linda Hodges Gallery, Free —Darren Davis

Thu, Nov 2
Production Valued
In her newest exhibit, Satpreet Kahlon explores the function of self-worth in a society framed by labor and consumerism. The multimedia installation includes personal photographs, anecdotes, and messy string work threaded through delicate fiber. Kahlon meditates on the role of hands as a metaphoric vessel of productivity and rejects the notion that a person's value hinges on a price tag. Gallery4Culture, Free 

Fri, Nov 3
Henry Art Gallery Fall Open House
For its 90th birthday, the Henry Art Gallery presents its first ever museum-wide exhibit that focuses exclusively on their contemporary collection, The Time. The Place. Featuring art collected over the last 20 years from over 50 artists around the world, the exhibit considers how an image of a physical location can reveal its social and psychological conditions. Stop by the opening night for a live KEXP DJ and grab a delicious grilled sandwich from the Cheese Wizards. Henry Art Gallery, $15

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