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Ezra Dickinson, Kim Lusk, Wade Madsen, and Amelia Reeber star in Peggy Piacenza's The Event. 

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Tue, Oct 17
La Femme
French pop group La Femme specializes in electro-psychedelic music perfect for speeding along highways, writing an A+ essay, or dancing until the clubs close. Their first album Psycho Tropical Berlin took over French digital charts, and last September's Mystère released last September followed suit. Watch La Femme turn the Crocodile into a French disco for a night. The Crocodile, $18

Tue, Oct 17
Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror
This 1922 silent film doesn’t need any CGI to deliver the creepiness. Composer Rick Friend and the Seattle Symphony bring the horror classic to life with a musical performance alongside the film. Expect long shadows, haunting strings, and a few laughs along with host David Schmader.—Darren Davis Benaroya Hall, $35–$95

Wed, Oct 18
Don Mee Choi: 'Translation Is a Mode=Translation Is an Anti-Neocolonial Mode"
Wave Books translator and poet Don Mee Choi (Hardly War) writes experimental poetry that meditates on themes of her personal identity, geopolitics, and war. In the first installment of the 2017–2018 Bagley Wright Lecture Series, Choi gives a lecture called “Translation is a mode=Translation is an anti-neocolonial mode” which untangles the connections between a patchwork of ideas and images: theorist Walter Benjamin's bread, instruments of war, Korean cornbread, and her translation of South Korean poet Kim Hyesoon's Sorrowtoothpaste MirrorcreamSorrento Hotel, Free

Thu, Oct 19
Ignite Seattle
The largest open submission lecture event in the Northwest is lightning quick. A night packed with sixteen presenters, each given exactly five minutes and 20 projected slides, Ignite Seattle is perfect for busy intellectuals with a shortage of free time, or those training to ace any game of trivia. This year's season kicks off with bite-size lectures like tips on keeping composure around an annoying peer, a history of volunteering, and the current scoop on tech—from identity politics to robots. SIFF Cinema Egyptian, $5

Thu, Oct 19
Peggy Piacenza: 'The Event'
The dancer, performance artist, and Base Experimental Arts and Space cofounder Peggy Piacenza just celebrated her 50th birthday, and the The Event is the product of her meditation on the meaning of life. Through movement, props, and poetic chants, Piacenza explores how humans fill time between birth and death, the contradictions of the human condition, and elements of the subconsciousness. Base Experimental Arts and Space, $18

Fri, Oct 20
The Story with Nikkita Oliver
Singer, poet, activist, lawyer, educator, and Seattle mayor runner-up—Nikkita Oliver truly does it all. She participates in another iteration of the Story—an event series organized by nonprofit Totem Star to empower youth communities by connecting them with local artists and activists. Though Oliver and youth attendees steer the conversation, adults are welcome to observe and support youth voices as an audience. Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, Free

Fri, Oct 20
In January, choreographer Kate Wallich founded YC2, a platform for emerging dancers to receive studio time, training, and performance opportunities. Choreographed by Wallich and David Harvey, YC2 features eleven of the city's brightest emerging dancers backed by original composition from Aaron Otheim of local jazz-pop group Heatwarmer and New York–based composer Andrew J.S. Velocity Dance Center, $20–$25

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