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The Top Things to See or Do in Seattle: August 2017

Experimental memoir and Seattle history intersect at the Frye, KeyArena hosts a million-dollar video game competition, and Kendrick Lamar brings down the Tacoma Dome.

By Darren Davis July 25, 2017 Published in the August 2017 issue of Seattle Met

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Kendrick Lamar

Aug 1 Hip-hop has always been a narrative medium, and few artists have told stories with as much pathos and keen observation as Kendrick Lamar. The Compton native, on tour for his incendiary album Damn., is one of the most dynamic storytellers in music today. With his gift for harrowing scenes and his endless roster of voices, it’s not hard to see why Kung Fu Kenny sits unchallenged as the Best Rapper Alive. Tacoma Dome,

The Sporting Life

The International

Aug 7–12 The championship competition of Valve’s multiplayer video game Dota 2 turns gaming into a spectator sport with the theatrics of professional wrestling. By tournament’s end one team takes home $10 million and the Aegis of Champions. Five-on-five matches between international squads, projected on screens throughout the stadium, will remind you the future is now. The International, KeyArena,

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Tim and Eric 10 Year Anniversary Awesome Tour

Aug 5 The duo behind Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! really nailed the VHS aesthetic in 2007, years before the ’90s fully roared back into fashion and pop culture. Ten years after the debut of this surreal public access show gone awry—one with a surprising caliber of guest stars (John C. Reilly, Paul Rudd)—Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim take their absurd and sometimes punishing brand of humor on the roadMoore Theatre,

Food & Drink

Sunset Supper

Aug 18 This year’s sunset supper—Pike Place Market’s own mini food festival featuring many of its famous names—will be the first in the new MarketFront Plaza and Canopy. The majority of money spent, be it on a bite from Cafe Campagne or ice cream from Shug’s, goes toward the Pike Place Market Foundation. Pike Place Market,

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Visual Art

Storme Webber

Aug 5–Oct 29 In the early to mid-1900s, Pioneer Square teemed with immigrants, queer communities, and the displaced. Seattle artist Storme Webber spent her formative years around this tumultuous place, and in her new exhibition, Casino: A Palimpsest, she explores the neighborhood’s messy history as it informs her own family history and indigenous roots. Photographs (Webber’s grandmother), poetry, and historical records combine for a deeply personal experience. Frye Art Museum,

Special Events

Seattle Tattoo Expo

Aug 18–20 Like any other art conference, the goal of the Seattle Tattoo Expo is to intermix artists and enthusiasts by showcasing the medium. In this case, human bodies. Industry seminars, featured artist showcases, and contests—best portrait, sleeve, even worst tattoo—fill out a weekend of skin and ink. Seattle Center,

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Books & Talks

Tom Perrotta

“There is some way in which you’re reading the book while you’re writing it. And while you are writing it, you begin to sense…these little force fields.” —Tom Perrotta

Aug 17 The author of Little Children and The Leftovers talks up his forthcoming novel, Mrs. Fletcher. With Perrotta’s track record, it’ll likely be adapted to screen by the time you finish this sentence. Seattle Central Library,

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