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Cheap Week: January 9–15

Gazebos and Summer Cannibals team up to rock Chop Suey, Jet City improv mixes comedy and baking, and Northwest Film Forum hosts some of the best Sundance shorts.

By Jane Kidder Edited by Seth Sommerfeld January 9, 2017

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Seattle's Gazebos will not remain seated when it plays at Chop Suey this week.

Wed, Jan 11
2016 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour
Over the course of 32 years, the Sundance Film Festival has earned a reputation as one of the premiere venues for showcasing modern cinema in all its forms. This week, Northwest Film Forum hosts Sundance's 95-minute tour of its short film highlights from the 2016 festival, which showcases high artistry in a diverse variety of styles and genres. The films range from a quirky comedy whose protagonist attempts to find love among the most serendipitous circumstances (Affections) to the story of two Senegalese street vendors of New York City whose story touches on themes of trust and forgiveness (Jungle). Northwest Film Forum, $11

Thur, Jan 12
Gazebos and Summer Cannibals
Shannon Perry (Gazebos) and Jessica Boudreaux (Summer Cannibals) each offer a different approach to being a badass frontwoman. Gazebos showcase its knack for crafting punky weirdo trip-pop on its dizzying Hardly Art debut record, Die Alone. In a live setting, Perry's colorful and eye-popping stage intensity, siren singing, jet black humor, and modern Seattle angst steal the show. Meanwhile, Portland's Boudreaux and Summer Cannibals favor a shred-your-face-off with a sneer style of driving hard rock that swats aside the male gaze with the finger-waving ferocity of a Dikembe Mutombo blocked shot. Catch both bands tear up Chop Suey with opening support from Boyfiends. Chop Suey, $10–$12

Thur, Jan 12
Pause and Draw: Spice World 
Do you really, really, really wanna zigazig draw? Central Cinema is here to help. Tacocat’s Emily Nokes and Lelah Maupin host a Pause and Draw screening of the Spice Girls’ 90s musical comedy Spice World (basically the group’s glittery version of A Hard Day’s Night). At points throughout the movie, the film will be paused to allow the audience to create their own artistic representation of the frozen frame (some art supplies will be on hand, but bringing your own is encouraged). The night takes the pop group’s polite request to “Stop right now / Thank you very much” very literally. Central Cinema, $10 

Jan 12–Feb 10
Britain's Baking Challenge
What’s the only thing that sounds riskier than making up comedy on the fly in front of people? Improvising wildly in the kitchen. Jet City Improv ignores common sense and combines the two for Britain’s Baking Challenge, an improvised comedy cooking show inspired by the PBS hit, The Great British Baking Show. The performers develop characters for the fake cooking contest on the spot and then must dish out laughs while attempting to also successfully make baked goods. Jet City Improv, $10–$15 

Sun, Jan 15
MLK Expansions Unity Party
The Northwest African American Museum comes together with KEXP to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s profound legacy by uplifting African American artistic expression in numerous forms. For the 17th annual MLK Unity Party, the NAAM offers entertainment courtesy of KEXP DJs Riz, Kid Hops, Masa, Alex, and Sharlese and sustenance via food trucks. A ticket to the party includes access to the museum to view current exhibitions including Dance Theatre of Harlem: 40 years of Firsts, Black Bodies in Propaganda: The Art of War Poster, and a youth-curated exhibit, Artist Studio: Drawing Attention Outside the Lines. Get an early start on Martin Luther King Jr. Day with the event's mix impactful history and powerful modern unity. Northwest African American Museum, $10

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