Shannon Perry (Gazebos) and Jessica Boudreaux (Summer Cannibals) each offer a different approach to being a badass frontwoman. Gazebos showcased its knack for crafting punky weirdo trip-pop on its dizzying Hardly Art debut record, Die Alone. In a live setting, Perry's colorful and eye-popping stage intensity, siren singing, jet black humor, and modern Seattle angst steal the show. Meanwhile, Portland's Boudreaux and Summer Cannibals favor a shred-your-face-off with a sneer style of driving hard rock that swats aside the male gaze with the finger-waving ferocity of a Dikembe Mutombo blocked shot. Catch both bands tear up Chop Suey with opening support from Boyfiends.

Price Range

Jan 12, 2017 at 8:00 PM