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Cheap Week January 18–24

Awaken your inner folk fan with Langhorne Slim, mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade with Lindy West, and spend a family weekend with Children's Film Festival Seattle and Math Moves!.

By Scott Johnson Edited by Seth Sommerfeld January 18, 2016

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Langhorne Slim: Pretty in (front of) pink.

Tue, Jan 19 
Langhorne Slim and the Law 
Self-taught guitarist and Pennsylvania native, Langhorne Slim looks to create a new kind of folk music: rootsy rock ‘n’ roll meets Dylan-inspired songwriting meets garage rock with a dash of electric piano, grooves that are wholly original, and fresh melody. Raw, catchy, and never boring, Langhorne Slim and the Law offer a lightening-charged slice of folk that makes contemporary acts like Mumford and Sons seem tame and overly polished. Neumos, $16

Thur, Jan 21 
Ty Seagall and the Muggers 
The spirit of early garage rock courses through Ty Seagall’s being. The ultra prolific musician has put out eight LPs since 2008 alone (and that’s not counting EPs, 7-inches, compilations, and his side project bands). Watch him get fuzzed out and wild as he plays tunes from his latest record, Emotional MuggerNeptune Theater, $19

Jan 21–31
Children's Film Festival Seattle 
Looking for a good family film, but tired most of the options being new CGI animated features? Children's Film Festival Seattle is here to help. Bringing in movies from around the globe, the fest features everything from a 1916 silent version of Snow White that inspired Disney to documentaries about Ugandan kids trying to make the Little League World Series. Northwest Film Forum, $11; Festival pass $90–$180

Fri, Jan 22
It’s Our Right: 43 Years of Legal Abortion
This Friday marks the 43rd anniversary of the monumental Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, which reversed a law that abortions could only be legal to save a life. It was a landmark case, finally giving women the right to choose. In commemoration of this historic event, Planned Parenthood and Shout Your Abortion are coming together at Town Hall Seattle to showcase speakers (such as Amelia Bonow and emcee Lindy West) that wish to share their stories—free from shame. Town Hall, $15–$50

Jan 23–May 1
Math Moves!
Some kids are hands-on learners, which can make grasping mathematical concepts quite difficult. Math Moves! at Pacific Science Center makes seemingly abstract ideas like fractions and ratios more tactile through interactive exhibits where kids can track their bodies in motion, experiment with tone generators, and more. Pacific Science Center, $20

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