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Photo: WeAreTheRhoads

It’s been quite the year for Death Cab for Cutie. The band released its eighth studio album, Kintsugi, brought in guitarist Dave Depper and keyboardist Zac Rae to replace founding guitarist and producer Chris Walla, and toured the world. The one thing the group oddly has yet to do in 2015? Play a proper Seattle show in support of the new record. 

The wait finally ends in October as Death Cab makes its triumphant return at the Paramount. It’ll be local fans’ first chance to hear Kintsugi and Depper and Rae’s sonic addition, plus the band plans to bust out some rare deep cuts. “We will be able to cover so much territory musically,” says bassist Nick Harmer. “I’m really excited about seeing the depth that we can explore over a three-night stand.”

The Paramount shows get additional local flavor from openers Cataldo, Tacocat, and Unlikely Friends (Death Cab is also taking Chastity Belt to Europe). Harmer says the band makes a concerted effort to add Seattle groups to its bill. “We miss so many bands that we want to see locally, that being able to bring them with us when we’re touring is sometimes the only way we get to see the bands that we really like.”

October also sports another tangential Death Cab event, as Northwest Film Forum hosts Ben Gibbard Presents, where the songwriter will share his favorite music films (including The Decline of Western Civilization: Part II and Kurt Cobain: About a Son). It’s a natural fit; there’s always been a sense of moviemaking in Gibbard’s songcraft. 

“When I listen to [Ben’s] early demos,” says Harmer, “I always flag songs that lyrically or melodically, instantaneously conjure up a kind of a cinematic moment in my mind. There’s suddenly this image in my mind that starts playing when I hear the music, and if that happens then I mark it as a song that I really think we should explore.”