Moisture Festival brings its comedy, burlesque, and varietè thrills to town for a month.

Tue, Mar 17
The James Franco Review Release Party
The James Franco Review was born when two MFA writers were wondering why the some writers' work gets pushed aside in the name of celebrity and asked, "What if we were all James Franco?" The question sounds silly, but it fits The James Franco Review's mission: to publish works of prose and poetry "as if [it] was already worth of an editor's attention" (i.e. with the same carte blanche Mr. Franco seems to receive). Whether or not you feel that James Franco's work is necessarily worthy of your attention, you're invited to a reading featuring contributors Chelsey Weber-Smith and Ahsan Butt to kick off the magazine's first issue. Show up dressed as James Franco and you'll receive your very own "metaphorical book contract!" Richard Hugo House, Free

Tue, Mar 17
The First Annual St. Patrick's Day Punk Massacre 
Grab a stiff drink and four-leaf clover and head to the pit, as Capitol Hill Block Party hosts a St. Patrick's Day celebration of '70s and '80s punk. Prepare yourself for some sweaty, drunk, moshing (remember to wear green, or you'll get wrecked). The riotous lineup includes Dee Dees, Smokey Brights, Acapulco Lips, Blood Drugs, Princess, the Mama Rags, Ubu Roi, Wounded Giant, Darklines, and Hurry Up and Die. Neumos, Free with RSVP

Thru May 3
1900: Adornment for the Home and Body
The Frye Art Museum’s permanent collection of paintings is undoubtedly grand, but it has always felt like something was missing from the shows. For 1900: Adornment for the Home and Body, collectors Lawrence Kreisman (of Historic Seattle) and Wayne Dodge have corrected that imbalance by loaning some of their most cherished furnishings and decorative objects to lend the collection some ambiance. Frye Art Museum, Free

Mar 19–Apr 12
Moisture Festival
The annual Moisture Festival adds a month-long dash of colorful spice to surprise the Seattle artistic palate. The shows are presented in Vaudevillian fashion, as comedy, burlesque, and varietè acts perform in short 3–15 minute bursts. Where else can you find dancers, jugglers, acrobats, strong men, drill teams, and bubble acts all showing off their skills with musical backing? Various Locations, $20–$40

Fri, Mar 20
...That Language Is Shaped Air...
The Seattle Chamber Players didn’t get a typical response when they asked composer Juan Pampin for a new commission. Pampin dreamt up …That Language Is Shaped Air…, a site-specific piece to be played at Henry Art Gallery in conjunction with (and inspired by) Ann Hamilton’s exhibit the Common Sense, a collection of original work influenced by pieces from the Burke Museum and UW Libraries. Members of the UW faculty—including trombonist Stuart Dempster and trumpeter Cuong Vu—join SCP for this one-of-a-kind performance. Henry Art Gallery, $10