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Mashed Up Modernity

Fusion is at the core of Guggenheim fellow David Roussève’s latest choreographic work, Stardust. Smooth jazz dance clashes with jerking, angular motions. Nat King Cole tunes mash with original hip-hop­-influenced compositions. And digitally displayed words crash into the physical world as dancers interpret the anxious, emotional texts and tweets of a gay African American teen. Stardust puts the modern in modern dance. 

Nov 20–22   Meany Hall,

“I asked this woman if she ever dropped her phone in the toilet. She goes, ‘I did, but there was no pee in there.’ Really? Never?

—Noted germaphobe Todd Barry. The deadpan standup comedian and Louie regular brings his subdued cynical takes to Tacoma for one night only. 

Nov 15   Tacoma Comedy Club, ­

Courtesy Northwest Film Forum

Stranger Than Fiction

Once a year, Northwest Film Forum takes the dive into reality and dedicates an entire week to nonfiction flicks for the Nexdocs festival. It’s a chance to see untold stories, some of which would seem unbelievable if penned by a screenwriter. This year’s slate includes documentaries examining the cultural importance of a European witch tale, Portuguese architect Manuel Tainha, and rural West Virginia beauty pageants.  

Nov 1–7   Northwest Film Forum,


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 The number of Globe Theatres that have existed in Southwark, London, since William Shakespeare made it famous in the early 1600s. The previous two were destroyed; the current incarnation was built in 1997.

 Globe Theatre’s expert touring company travels to Seattle for two nights of King Lear at the Moore with the titular role being played by Joseph Marcell (aka Geoffrey from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). 

Nov 25 & 26   Moore Theatre,



It makes sense that Matthea Harvey would have a reading at a visually stunning locale like Chihuly Garden and Glass. The acclaimed poet not only has a knack for tapping into dark places with her words, she also has a distinct aesthetic. Her latest book, If the Tabloids Are True What Are You?, places Harvey’s linguistic skills alongside her own haunting artwork. 

Nov 7   Chihuly Garden and Glass,




This feature appeared in the November 2014 issue of Seattle Met magazine.

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