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Cheap Week Seattle: November 24–30

Japanese neo-pop art, local authors become booksellers for a day, Thanksgiving football: the best ways to spend your week without spending much.

By Darren Davis November 24, 2014

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Duck out of the shopping madness and enjoy $2 oysters and specially-priced small plates at RN74's Black Friday happy hour. Photo courtesy of Facebook

Thru Apr 5
Live On: Mr.'s Japanese Neo-Pop
Mr., a protege of Japanese pop art master Takashi Murakami, crafts works much louder than his modest moniker might suggest. In the wake of 2011’s tsunami and ensuing Fukushima nuclear disaster, Mr. created a series of paintings that set colorful anime-inspired characters against scenes that hint at the devastation. Live On, Mr.’s first solo U.S. museum exhibit, presents his mix of vibrant spectacle and sorrowful tribute. Asian Art Museum, $9.

Thur, Nov 27
Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers
After stuffing yourself with turkey, do you really want to go out or would you rather plop in front of the TV and watch the Seahawks? We thought so. (Plus, there's not a lot going on Thanksgiving night.) The Seahawks and 49ers have both been disappointments so far this season, but it makes the first of their two matchups all the more vital for potential playoff positioning. Their knockdown, drag-out rivalry reignites for 2014 in what's arguably the biggest game of the year for the Seahawks. Here’s the routine for the past two regular seasons: The Hawks crush the 49ers in Seattle and lose close in San Francisco. So stealing the road game would give Seattle a commanding edge in the postseason picture. Televised on NBC.

Fri, Nov 28
RN74 Black Friday Happy Hour
Take a break from the frenzied shopping spree and drop in to RN74 for some frenzied eating a drinking. RN74's Black Friday happy hour menu includes $2 shucked-to-order oysters, and a special $6 menu including smoked salmon rillettes, heritage bacon deviled eggs, grilled Barhi dates, and of course their famous duck fat french fries. Wash it all down with a shot and a beer or a gin and tonic before heading back out into the shopping apocalypse. RN74, free.

Sat, Nov 29
NAVVI: EP Release Show
Built on the type of creative correspondance made famous by the Postal Service, Seattle electronic duo NAVVI was born when producer Brad Boettger began sending vocalist Kristin Henr beats to turn over in her brain, before eventually meeting to lay down vocals. The group's most new self-produced EP reflects NAVVI's dynamic DIY spirit. Tracks like "Palms" pulse with chilly energy, perfect for a cold Saturday night in the city. Barboza, $6.

Sat, Nov 29
Indies First Day
Last year, acclaimed Seattle author Sherman Alexie, sick of the major retail outlets stomping out little bookstores, called on writers nationwide to do their part as booksellers. And the authors stepped up. Now Elliot Bay Book Company hosts its second Indies First Day. Local authors take shifts working in the bookstore, selling and signing their own books, as well as offering their extremely informed recommendations. The impressive lineup of participants includes Sherman Alexie himself, Langdon Cook, Becky Selengut, Robin Oliviera, and many more. Elliot Bay Book Company, free.

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