“It’s difficult to be a rebel without a cause now when there are so many causes.”

—British comedian, actor, and wild man Russell Brand to the Chicago Sun-Times. For his world standup tour, he settles on a cause: “Messiah Complex: Also featuring Jesus Christ, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Malcolm X (and Hitler).” Why take on one when he can tackle them all?

Aug 30 Neptune Theatre,


Listen to: The Moondoggies
Not content with being another bearded Americana band, the Everett--born Moondoggies did some shape-shifting for its third and latest album, Adiós I’m a Ghost, out August 13 on Hardly Art. By adding multi--instrumentalist Jon Pontrello, the band now covers new territory, divining inspiration from Pink Floyd, rockers Blonde Redhead, and the bayou blues of Mississippi John Hurt. “Red Eye” is a hard-rocking debut single; “Midnight Owl” an upbeat surfer’s swell; “A Lot to Give” a polished sonic jam. As a result, Adiós I’m a Ghost is a record as rich and deep as the Big Muddy.

Aug 16 & 17 Tractor Tavern,

50 —Projected number of vendors at the Seattle Street Food Festival. We’re using the tagline: “So much meat it won’t fit on one street.”

Aug 10 Cal Anderson Park,

Coulee Dam, Looking West 1939–41, watercolor on paper

The Z Is for “Zama” A Washington pioneer in every sense of the word, painter Z. Vanessa Helder used watercolors to show the austere beauty of the Grand Coulee Dam (pictured) and mountainside jackhammer crews of the 1930s and ’40s—the West Coast version of Edward Hopper’s America. (She also had a pet skunk named Sniffy.) Tacoma Art Museum presents the first major survey of her work.

July 27–Oct 20 Tacoma Art Museum,


Wanted by the FBI
D. B.Cooper 

Alias Dan Cooper 

Description Caucasian male, 5’10” to 6’, brown eyes, now in his mid- to late 80s  

SuspectBrief On November 24, 1971, a passenger calling himself Dan Cooper boards Northwest Orient Flight 305 in Portland, bound for Seattle. Suspect then threatens to bomb the plane, ransoms passengers for $200,000 in $20 bills and four parachutes, and ultimately skydives out over southwestern Washington. Suspect still at large.

Leads Pursued

April 7, 1972 Richard Floyd McCoy Jr., thought to be Cooper, hijacks a Boeing 727, demands $500,000 and four parachutes, and jumps out over Utah. Closed: ALIBI

1986 Agent Ralph P. Himmelsbach and Thomas K. Worcester publish Norjak: The Investigation of D. B. Cooper. Suggest Cooper died in jump. Closed: TOO EASY

1995 Florida antiques dealer Duane Weber confesses on his deathbed to being Cooper. Closed: DNA

2007 Minnesota man Lyle Christiansen claims his brother Kenneth was actually Cooper and lived the remainder of his days in Bonney Lake. Closed: Mean Spirited

Brian Ingram, age eight, recovers $5,800 in $20 bills along the Columbia River near Vancouver, Washington, that match the serial numbers of Cooper’s payload. (1980)

Note: This is an unofficial document. Make your own case with evidence from Cooper, Tacoma’s new exhibit on the great unsolved mystery.

Aug 24–Jan 12 Washington State History Museum,

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