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Pizza Party with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Time for the annual fan appreciation party—enter the contest to win.

By Laura Dannen April 11, 2013

After months of touring and TV appearances, Seattle hip-hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are coming home—and they want to celebrate with you. They're holding their third annual fan appreciation pizza party on Tuesday, April 16, for 50 lucky locals in a secret Seattle location. (So many alliterations...) Pizza partiers will get to preview the new music video for "Can't Hold Us," which officially debuts April 17.

Want to go? We all do—but this isn't 'Nam, there are rules. I'll let Macklemore explain...

You know what that means. We bout to have a CONTEST. 50 winners from our hometown of Seattle will be selected to attend the Fan Appreciation Party on April 16th! AND thanks to the generous folks at CRACKER JACK’D, 2 lucky winners will be flown-in from out of state! BAM!

Now here’s the contest…. This is the The Heist flag. Replicate the flag in any creative way you can imagine (draw it, paint it, sew it, whatever!) and take a photo with you and your best homie in a creative, crazy, or unique environment. Be safe. Be awesome. Send your photo to [email protected] and do so by 12pm NOON on Sunday, April 14th!!! We’ll pick & contact the winners that night!

If selected as a winner you and your friend will all be invited to attend the party in Seattle on April 16th, 2013. Secret location and all that. You must be able to get yourself there and back! Don’t enter unless you can for sure be available and in Seattle Tuesday night, April 16th!


- Macklemore

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