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Art After-Hours: Where to Go this First Thursday

Museums are free, galleries stay open late. So…many…choices…

By Seattle Met Staff July 5, 2012


Louder Than Bombs: Paintings by Marie Koetje and Mark Schoening
Thru July 28, Platform Gallery

Look to the left. This is your brain…on text messages, tweets, Facebook, email, and pop-up ads. Artist Mark Schoening captures the self-described “information explosion” we endure daily with boldly painted canvases that are Louder than Bombs, on display at Platform Gallery in a dual show with Marie Koetje. “Allusions to the collapsed space of digital screens and the clunky forms of outdated technology can be found in my work," says Koetje, amid bands of light and "jumbled forms that jostle against one another in densely layered compositions.” Find out more tonight at the artists’ reception, 6–8pm. Portland-based painter Koetje will in attendance, but Schoening is "making paintings in a pole barn in Minnesota at the moment," says the gallery.

Soly Cissé: Lost Worlds
Thru July 31, M.I.A. Gallery

One of Pioneer Square’s newest art walk destinations, M.I.A. Gallery, has only been open since January, but it’s already bringing in major shows like the U.S. solo debut of Senegalese painter and sculptor Soly Cissé. In a series of haunting abstract paintings, his ‘Lost World’ seems populated by dead men walking and animals with teeth bared—a furious, but richly colored, collection that gives a glimpse into the grief of modern Africa.

View the slideshow for images from both galleries.

Also tonight:

Art Book Sale 5:30–8:30, outside Greg Kucera Gallery. Proceeds support Artist Trust and Washington artists.

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