Travel blog Tripster reported that BoltBus, a service popular on the East Coast, is now serving the Seattle-Portland route. Fares go as low as $1, but let’s be real: It’s the free Wi-Fi and ample power outlets that have Seattleites geeking out. Meanwhile, Wear What When highlighted head-turning local designers, including Lizzie Parker, Sarah Loertscher, and J’Amy Tarr. Sauced pointed readers to Kevin Zelko, aka @msbeervendor. Zelko takes beer orders (he stocks seven kinds) at Safeco Field via Twitter and promptly delivers them to your seat. Nosh Pit offered some sobering food for thought from oyster man Jon Rowley Increasing levels of oceanic acidity are killing off oysters in the Northwest. Not only is the shift upsetting the food chain, it means we’ll be shelling out more bucks for bivalves. What that spells for the oyster happy hour remains to be seen.

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