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By Christopher Werner April 23, 2012 Published in the May 2012 issue of Seattle Met

Fashion blog Wear What When offered early indicators that Uniqlo might be eyeing Seattle. Based on the flood of retweets from readers, the Japanese megaretailer would be wise to follow through. Meanwhile, Culture Fiend spotlighted new local albums worth heavy rotation: Eighteen Individual Eyes’ (pictured) Unnovae Nights and History Speaks by Deep Sea Divers. Nosh Pit kept tabs on the local food establishments, including Skillet, Eltana, and Pie, slated to open this month or next in the remodeled Seattle Center House. Sauced used the new brew program at Canlis to point out beer is gaining serious cred in the fine dining world. And Tripster provided an enticing diversion for your next trip north. Burger King in Canada is serving poutine—even from the drive-through. Apparently socialized health care isn’t the only thing the Canucks have beat us to.

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