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Ira Glass Returns to Seattle This September

Tickets to see the host of This American Life go on sale Monday.

By Seth Sommerfeld April 26, 2012

Photo: Courtesy George Barcos

Live from radioland Ira Glass takes us behind the scenes of This American Life.

Ira Glass is something of a big deal. The host of This American Life has literally made himself into a recognizable face on radio. Think about that for a second. His short-lived Showtime series might have helped, but at the end of the day, Glass is a public radio hero because of TAL’s dramatic stories about the everyday—from the recession in small towns to “Squirrel Cop.” Glass returns to Seattle in September for the first time in two years with Reinventing Radio, an updated stage show featuring the man behind the mic in a conversation about the making of his radio program. He will also take audience questions (cue the arms in the air).

His Seattle trip will be especially interesting after the now-infamous ‘Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory’ episode of This American Life. Also known as the “retraction episode,” the program spent an hour disavowing itself from Seattle playwright Mike Daisey’s “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” TAL segment because it had “significant fabrications.” (You could feel journalists around the world shuddering.) Glass’s show may be in September, nearly half a year later, but we’re betting he’ll still have some thoughts on this topic.

Tickets never last long (his shows sold out the last time he was in in town), so add this alert to your calendar. Tickets ($25–$47) to see Ira Glass at Benaroya Hall on September 8 go on sale this Monday at 10am at benaroyahall.org

Ira Glass: Reinventing Radio
Sept 8 at 8, Benaroya Hall, $25–$47

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