Joel McHale’s Wine, Cafe Nordo’s Dinner Theater, Sea-Tac Airport News

By Christopher Werner March 7, 2012 Published in the March 2012 issue of Seattle Met

Photo: Helga Esteb/Shutterstock

BOOZE BLOG Sauced found out that Community’s Joel McHale is a fan of Heather Hills’s 2008 cabernet sauvignon—so much so he bought out the Washington winery’s entire supply at a Pike and Western vino shop. Meanwhile, Wear What When chatted with a local blogger who shopped exclusively at Goodwill for one year. She had some sage words for fellow thrifters: Hit the racks morning or night, and never weekend afternoons. And Seattle performer Mark Siano told Culture Fiend that the roving local dinner theater company Cafe Nordo is a don’t-miss. Tripster reported Sea-Tac airport is now playing original videos and—our favorite development—security bulletins from Macklemore and Sir Mix-a-Lot. And we thought the free Wi-Fi was cool. Finally, Nosh Pit bid farewell to three late restaurateurs who “raised Seattle dining to a new level.” RIP Peter Cipra (Labuznik), Christina Choi (Nettletown), and Carmine Smeraldo (Il Terrazzo Carmine).

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