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Poll: What Concerts Do You Want to See at Waterfront Park this Summer?

The City of Seattle is looking for ideas.

By Laura Dannen February 17, 2012

This is Waterfront Park. Now imagine the Head and the Heart playing on a floating barge…

As part of the grand plan to revitalize Seattle’s central waterfront, the city is considering a summer concert or event series at Waterfront Park in 2012. That lonely pier between Miner’s Landing and Seattle Aquarium hosts a handful of free Out to Lunch concerts each year—a crowd of about 40 (happily) stood in the rain to watch Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs in July —but the new proposal is bigger, better. It involves a barge.

Waterfront Seattle tweeted a request yesterday for ideas —they’re looking at you, Seattle bands/dancers/theaters/artists. One suggestion, for a concert series, would stage shows on a floating barge parked just off the pier. The audience would hang out on said pier, possibly with a beer in hand (alcohol is permitted in certain parts of the park). So… Concerts at the Mural on Fridays, and Concerts at the Barge on Thursdays? I could get into that.

What shows would you want to see at Waterfront Park this summer?

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