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Hunger Games Cast Coming to University Village

Said the Kaiser Chiefs: "I predict a riot."

By Laura Dannen February 23, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence, armed with every girl’s favorite accessory, is Katniss in The Hunger Games.

America’s moving on from boy wizards and hipster vampires to darker fare. In The Hunger Games—Suzanne Collins’s book trilogy newly anointed the Next Big Film Series—teenagers fight to the death in a postapocalyptic version of Survivor. And stuck snugly in the center of the bloodbath is a love triangle. (Naturally.) Ever since the first book came out in 2008, fans of all ages— we’re looking at you, Tina Fey —have been predicting whether bow-slinging heroine Katniss Everdeen will end up with the hunter (best friend Gale Hawthorne) or the gatherer (breadmaker and Games competition Peeta Mellark). And if any of that really matters when you’re trying to dodge a swarm of mutant hornets.

But now we have faces to put to the names: Jennifer Lawrence, who played a strangely similar role in Winter’s Bone, stars as Katniss; Liam Hemsworth (aka brother of Tron Thor star Chris Hemsworth) will play Gale; and Josh Hutcherson of The Kids Are All Right steps in as Peeta. And all three are coming to Seattle on March 10 as part of their nationwide mall tour leading up to the film’s release on March 23.

Though a horde of screaming teenagers sounds like a Hunger Games obstacle in itself, here are the event details:

Hunger Games Mall Tour
Saturday, March 10, University Village, free
Q&A starts at 3:30 in parking lot in front of Microsoft Store

Let the games begin.

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