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By Christopher Werner January 26, 2012 Published in the February 2012 issue of Seattle Met

Photo: Courtesy Mark McConnell

ON THE Nosh Pit blog a legion of commenters came to the defense of Off the Rez—a new food truck serving Native American cuisine—after one spitfire scolded owners for “marginalizing a community” with a “stereotypical” mural on the truck of an Indian smoking a peace pipe. “Why not be happy that our delicious foods are being put out there to share with the unknowing? This is nothing but native pride!” responded Shannon, a member of the Delaware tribe. Meanwhile, Culture Fiend wondered why there’s been no buzz for the set-in-Seattle, found-footage flick Chronicle, out this month, and Wear What When reported that “pinky red-orange” tango tangerine is the hot hue of 2012. Sauced tracked the craft beer explosion that is Ballard. The neighborhood has become ground zero for local suds operations, most recently Urban Family Brewing and Reuben’s Brews. We’ll tap that.

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