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Tastes Like Team Spirit

By Christopher Werner December 23, 2011 Published in the January 2012 issue of Seattle Met

Photo: Dylan Armajani/Shutterstock

As the Nosh Pit blog pointed out, local restaurant menus increasingly list kitchen and floor staffers—in one case, all 26 of them. Overkill? No way, fumed gastronomes defending the trend in the name of team spirit. “Is this uncommon for any other craft? Acting, writing, music? It’s hardly a pain to read who cooked for you,” scolded one tweeter. Meanwhile, Tripster talked to Jaeger Mah, who spent 80 days straight at the Vancouver, BC, airport, a stunt for the facility’s 80th anniversary celebration. The takeaway: 3am is party time in the ’port: “There’s this awesome buzz” when the Asian carriers arrive. And Culture Fiend asked Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, who hosted NBC’s Today show here in October, what they thought of Seattle. “You don’t sense cynicism,” they said. “It seems like an optimistic, joyful city.” Clearly they were here on a sunny day.

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