Esquire Snubs Seattle, Boeing’s Dreamliner, and ’The Real World’ Casting Call

By Christopher Werner November 23, 2011 Published in the December 2011 issue of Seattle Met

Photo: John P. At Onemansblog.Com, Enric Teller

NARY A SEATTLE joint made Esquire’s Best New Restaurants roundup, a fact that’s all the more baffling, Nosh Pit pointed out, since the men’s mag crowned us one of America’s foremost dining cities not long ago. Our bars tend to outshine other cities’, too, because, reasoned Sauced, “1. They play better music. 2. They have better beer.” Or, in the case of Macleod’s Scottish Pub, slated to open in December 2011 on Ballard Ave, a gargantuan selection of single-malt scotches. Meanwhile,Tripster reported on the pimped-out amenities of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, due in the States in early 2012. Among the perks: wider seats, wider aisles, and—here’s the clincher—bigger overhead bins. And Culture Fiend had tweeters tripping down memory lane after announcing The Real World was here to cast the show’s 27th run. Wasn’t it just yesterday Irene and Stephen were going at it on Pier 70 during the filmed-in-Seattle seventh season?

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