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By Christopher Werner May 20, 2011 Published in the June 2011 issue of Seattle Met

Who Did It?
In The Killing everyone’s a suspect.

A WIENER WAR broke out on Nosh Pit when one reader suggested the Wurst Place, a sausage shack opening in late June or early July in South Lake Union, is a rip-off of LA’s Wurstkuche. To which owner Bob Liptak offered the frank reply: “We in no way are trying to reinvent the wheel, or sausage in this case (or casing…).”

Speaking of cases, Culture Fiend plays pin the perp, recapping AMC’s new set-in-Seattle whodunit The Killing with weekly guesses as to who offed teen Rosie Larsen. But with just a few episodes left, the only thing clear is that Seattle’s never shaking its rainy reputation.

Meanwhile, Sauced chats up Rob Roy bar manager Bryn Lumsden to find out Seattle’s buzziest beverage right now—“Fizzes are ­really popular. We are going through more eggs than Denny’s”—and Wear What When gabbed hot garb with the Olsen twins, who were at Nordstrom to launch their new line, Textile. Wisdom from the Identical Ones: Mom jeans are in.

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