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On Sale This Weekend: Patton Oswalt, Craig Ferguson Tickets

Two sardonic dudes hit the mic with live standup.

By Allison Williams March 23, 2011


Patton Oswalt may not have achieved the fame of his former comedy partner Zach Galifianakis, but his cranky sensibility has built a respectable following—he’s as big as a comedian gets without a movie franchise. In his standup, he rags on his own weight (don’t they all?), pop culture, and, of course, fast food, namely the "failure pile in a sadness bowl" on the menu at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Watch him record his next comedy special at the Moore Theatre on Saturday, May 14 at 7pm; tickets ($23) go on sale this Friday, March 25, at 877-784-4849, tickets.com or stgpresents.org.

Then on Saturday, grab your pass ($43-$63) to Craig Ferguson’s show at the same venue (different date: May 25 at 8pm. ) Once upon a time, Ferguson was merely the late-night TV host who wasn’t Letterman, Leno, or O’Brien (but at least avoided being Carson Daly). This February, the great Scot became America’s unlikely voice of reason by refusing to make jokes about Charlie Sheen —he thought it was like laughing at mental illness. Who knew that the boss from The Drew Carey Show would turn out to be a class act?

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