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Local Bands Done Good at SXSW

Who made an impression on non-Seattle music journalists?

By Laura Dannen March 22, 2010

Breaking news? The Dutchess and the Duke are not dating. Repeat: Not dating.

SXSW just wrapped up yesterday, and as our local reps pack up their laptops and accordions and head home, I started to wonder who got coverage from national publications.

Looks like Christopher R. Weingarten of Rolling Stone went on a tweeting spree last week, checking out 26 bands in 14 hours for @RollingStone. In the mix:

THE DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE: With Shayde from the Fresh And Onlys. So fun and cute and intimate that it feels like a soundcheck.

SHABAZZ PALACES: Ex-Digable Planet does impossibly funky, dubby avant-rap with shakers, kalimbas, ideas without boundaries. Truly a unique and wonderful mix that deserves to be one of sxsw 2010’s breakout stars. Get Googling!

THE MOONDOGGIES: Bearded and unkempt and full of ripping, batter-fried solos. SXSW’s most cerebral bar band?

The Dutchess and the Duke and the Moondoggies also sat for short Q&As with AOL Music blog D&tD’s Jesse Lortz chose this time to reinforce that he and band mate "Kimberly [Morrison] are not hooking up." (Read those interviews here and here ).

Paste magazine is having a love affair with Visqueen. It started back in December when they named our local rockers the Best of What’s Next, and last week they announced that Visqueen played the Best Single-Song Performance by a Band I Really Wanted to See a Whole Set by But Missed it Because I Had to, Like, Eat Dinner or Some Shit Like That (the song: "Fight For Love"). Read more here.

And finally, the New York Times ArtsBeat culture blog gave a shoutout to Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard. Is there subtext in four-word reviews? ‘Cause this is what they said about Gibbard’s solo set: Alone, narrative bleakness underscored. I’m thinking "always" would be a good substitute for alone.

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