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Where To Go This First Second Thursday: January 2015

While the gallerists are away, the curators will play.

By Seth Sommerfeld and Jeremy Buben January 7, 2015

Fred Holcomb, Beach, 2014, oil on canvas

Fred Holcomb
Linda Hodges Gallery

It’s all a blur. Rapid motion underlines Fred Holcomb’s latest collection of paintings at Linda Hodges Gallery. His images of natural beauty evoke the view outside a speeding car on a remote two-lane road. The effect gives a vitality and sense of action to the lush still scenery. Opening reception at 6.

Rafael Soldi, 21 Reasons Why I Love You, 2009, archival pigment print

 In the absence of…
Greg Kucera Gallery

Greg Kucera takes a month off from his eponymous art gallery and hands the reins over to curators Sierra Stinson and Klara Glosova. Both curators are known for their grassroots home galleries (Vignettes and NEPO House) as well as their annual summertime art walk known as the NEPO 5K. What they have culled together is a group show of unrepresented local artists that have diverse talents from photography to musical composition to installation in a show that examines the absences in each of the artists’ lives. Opening reception at 6.

Meanwhile, in the back gallery…

Simon K. Donaldson, 2014 Aquatint

Greg Kucera Gallery

Mathematician G.H. Hardy once wrote, “The mathematician’s patterns, like the painter’s or the poet’s, must be beautiful; the ideas, like the colors or the words, must fit together in a harmonious way.” Concinnitas presents math as art, with formulas and equations hand-drawn by their creators in stark white-on-black beauty. Opening reception at 6.


Mark Mitchell, Madame Recamier d'Betsey, 2014, mixed media sculpture

Image: Roq La Rue

Mark Mitchell: Follies
Roq La Rue Gallery

In the upstairs gallery couturier extraordinaire Mark Mitchell takes a cheeky yet edgy look at pharmaceuticals and fashion with prêt-à-porter garments festooned in fabrics depicting pills and medication labels. Coupled with that, the designer has created an ode to surrealist artist René Magritte in the form of an exquisitely upholstered lounging coffin combining the mordant wit of Magritte with a sensible flourish of kitsch. Opening reception at 6.


Lia Hall and Cedar Mannan, This Is About the Stories, neon and mixed media. Inspiration: Influences by Sherman Alexie



TEXTure: Visual Artists and Poets Create
Method Gallery

The premise of the show hints at a never-ending cycle of inspiration between three poets and the visual artists that they are paired with. The visual artists create pieces inspired by poetry that in turn stimulates the poets to create new poems. Find out what the literary responses to art works made from textiles, glass, and neon will sound like. Opening reception at 6.




Dylan Neuwirth, T=0 K, 2015, neon, mercury, glass, stainless steel, supports, GTO, 3 transformers/concrete blocks/extension cords

Dylan Neuwirth: Absolute Zero
Punch Gallery

In his continued strive to further define what it means to be a post-human contemporary artist, Dylan Neuwirth has created both a neon-based installation aimed at experiential transcendence and a complementary digital body of work online. The artist says, “People will love or hate this show. Guaranteed.” Challenge accepted. Opening reception at 6.

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