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Spring Arts 2017: Modern Pop, High Art

Mainstream pop culture is taking over everything—including local arts—resulting in a season of spectacle and thought-provoking genre blends.

02/21/2017 By Seth Sommerfeld

Art Walk

Where To Go This First Second Thursday: January 2015

While the gallerists are away, the curators will play.

01/07/2015 By Seth Sommerfeld and Jeremy Buben

Art Walk

Where to Go This First Thursday: November 2014

Pinhole cameras, papercuts, an immersive installation with hunting dogs, and a group show juried by Seattle's second favorite collaborative trio of artists. It's time to art walk again.

11/05/2014 By Jeremy Buben


Knit One, Pow! Two

Mark Newport exhibits his hand-knit reimagined comic superheros at Greg Kucera Gallery.

12/09/2009 By Laura Dannen