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By Ezra Parter May 20, 2014

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For Today

Community Forum on Making Capitol Hill an Arts District

As Josh reported yesterday, Capitol Hill Housing is hosting a forum tonight to discuss the possibility of making Capitol Hill an arts district. If this were to happen, it would create incentives for developers to create and preserve arts spaces, which would in turn help prevent artists, theaters, galleries, and nonprofits from being priced out of the area due to rising property values.

The event features talks from Capitol Hill Housing's Christopher Persons, city council member Nick Licata, and Greg Esser of the successful Roosevelt Row Arts District in Phoenix, Arizona, before a facilitated discussion between Capitol Hill mainstays and a reception provided by Jemil's Big Easy.

The event is free but you need to sign up by noon today to reserve a spot.  

Community Forum on Making Capitol Hill an Arts District, Tue, May 20, 5-8pm, Oddfellows Building, 915 E Pine St, free.

Treating Childhood Poverty for a Healthier Future

Seattle CityClub is hosting a luncheon to discuss the issue of childhood poverty and possible methods to improve the health and prospective futures of Seattle's at-risk youth.

More speakers are being corralled, but the current lineup includes Thrive by Five President and CEO Sam Whiting, Odessa Brown Children's Clinic medical director Ben Danielson, and moderator James Whitfield, president of the Washington Health Foundation.

Treating Childhood Poverty for a Healthier Future, Tue, May 20, 11:30 am–1:30 pm, Washington Athletic Club, 1325 Sixth Avenue, $12–$45.

For Wednesday 

Westlake Avenue Protected Bike Lane Open House

A protected bike lane, or cycle track, has been planned for Westlake Avenue since September, 2012, and the Seattle Department of Transportation is seeking aid in figuring out the best way to make travel along the corridor safe and predictable for all users—even single-occupancy cars. 

Wednesday's open house gives community membersthe chance to deliver advice and worries about the project. Many of them may be concerned by the potential forfeiture of public parking spaces—there are currently 1,271 of them along Westlake Avenue, with some likely to be scarificed to make way for the track.

While the vast majority of spaces won't be going anywhere, yesterday's Jolt detailed the efforts by the Westlake Stakeholders Group to derail this project.

Westlake Avenue Protected Bike Lane Open House, Wed, May 21, 5:30–8:30 pm, Fremont Studios, 155 N 35th Street, free. 

For Thursday

Mount Baker Play Area Renovation Public Meeting

Mount Baker Park is not compliant with current safety standards or the Americans with Disabilities Act, but the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department is ready to fix that. All they need is a little input from the community to determine the best plan to move forward.

Gather at the Mount Baker Community Clubhouse to make suggestions directly to the landscape architect and project planner who will be designing and implementing the park's future. 

Mount Baker Play Area Renovation Public Meeting, Thu, May 22, 6:30-8pm, Mount Baker Community Clubhouse, 2811 Mount Rainier Drive S, free.

Advance Notice For June 28

Town Green Day of Service: Just Garden Project

Mount Baker Park isn't the only neighborhood spot getting a makeover in the near future, as Town Hall and Seattle Tilth's Just Garden program will be working together on June 28 to build raised bed gardens for community centers and households in the area.

The program begins at 9am with a breakfast and brief lesson about organic gardening before crews split up to work in various locations. Once the beds have been made, a 1pm lunch rounds out the day's events. 

Town Green Day of Service: Just Garden Project, Sat, June 28, 9 am-1 pm, Mount Baker Full Life Care, 2600 South Walker Street, free.

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