Holiday Boozing

5 Bars Open on Christmas Day, Part 1

All we want for Christmas is a nice stiff drink.

By Sara Hendrickson December 10, 2013

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How long were you going to stare at this thing, anyway? Eventually you're going to need a drink. Photo via Flickr/Steve Wilson

Our 10 Bars Open on Thanksgiving post was so popular we figured you’d want to know where to hang out and warm up on Christmas day, as well. Tis the season for generosity so this time around we’ll be showering you with gifts in the form of bars open on Christmas day in a three-part series starting…now.

Here, where to jingle and mingle on the 25th.

Tini Bigs: Keeping its streak alive—6217 consecutive days open and counting—Tini will be serving a Christmas Eve dinner the night before and then opening up again on Christmas day, 4–2.

Hula Hula: In what is becoming somewhat of a Lower Queen Anne holiday tradition, Hula will be opening for your Christmas karaoke pleasure, 8–2, with the awesomeness starting at 9.

The Whisky Bar: Belltown brown liquor bastion will open by 5pm, and there’s a chance that a plated dinner a la Thanksgiving will make a reappearance.

Baranof: When we called to get details, we found out that for the last 33 years, as long as the Greenwood neighborhood haunt has been around, Baranof has done a Christmas day potluck for folks who might not have anybody else to spend the day with. Because the restaurant is closed, snacks usually consist of chips, cold cuts, rolls, and whatever the Christmas orphans decide to contribute. Hours are 6am–2am, same as everyday.

Central Saloon: If you want someone to cook for you and pour your drinks, the Central Saloon should satisfy. Open 11am – 2am on Christmas day; a plated Christmas dinner will be served as well.

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