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Best Dishes of 2013 Countdown #4: RockCreek Seafood and Spirits

Wild Mexican Prawns with Anson Mills Heirloom Grits

By Kathryn Robinson December 27, 2013

Scenes from a dinner Donnelly prepared after picking up a few things at the Ballard Farmers Market. Look for a similar whole crab dish onthe menu at RockCreek. Photo via Eric Donnelly.

It’s not the recipe RockCreek Seafood owner and chef Eric Donnelly produced when he cooked at Toulouse Petit, but it’s every bit as lick-the-plate great: four plump prawns, bursting with juice and gilded with garlic, lolling on a bed of creamy grits and sauce flavored with a world of herbs and chilies and, yes, more garlic—with grilled bread for dredging. The place has been open all of a few months and this plate’s already a classic. 

Here are more of my favorite dishes of 2013


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