The Good Dogs of Seattle's Weekend Snowstorm

Don't go chasing snowballs.

By Zoe Sayler February 16, 2021

Zoltan the Magnificent, aka Zoli, enjoys the snow—and plenty of compliments—in Ballard.

Seattle, supposedly, has more dogs per capita than any city in the world. And despite our northerly latitude, most of them rarely get to experience the joy of romping through snowdrifts and wearing tiny booties (alright, "joy" might be a little strong for that last one). So when this weekend's storm brought us our snowiest day in over half a century, humans weren't the only ones who reveled. Here are some adorable Seattle snow dog moments.

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Omak makes frequent snow trips with editor Allison Williams, who heads up our Travel & Outdoors section. But rarely does he get such a treat at home.


Oatmeal had to defend her innocence on the record.


Bodhi the Bernese Mountain dog—aka the best thing to come out of 2020—lapped up his first snow in West Seattle. 


Seattle's foremost influencer, Sir Charles Barkley, took the opportunity for a photo shoot in his finest cold weather duds. Sartorially struggling Seattleites, take note.


Even the most dignified breeds look a little silly covered in snowflakes.

Spike had to work hard to avoid getting lost in the snowdrifts.


Zoli the Pumi makes powderpuff look good.

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