This is not my beautiful house.

Thank Bermuda. Sometime around midsummer, the tiny island nation was one of the first to make hay out of the American tidal wave of remote work: Its Ministry of Labor announced a unique Work from Bermuda one-year visa for anyone hoping to toil from the middle of the Atlantic while wearing long shorts and tall socks. One-week vacations may be a superspreader risk, but with a quick virus test and brief quarantine, work-from-beachers could settle into an idyllic, semi-permanent life in a country that can count its Covid deaths on one person's fingers (nine total, seriously).

Adrift Hospitality's beach cottages: Like home, but cleaner.

Image: Sothea Mah

By the end of the summer, Pacific Northwest tourist destinations had latched on to the idea. Adrift Hotel in Long Beach touted its indoor spaces fit for work laptops or school tablets; the hotel's new saltwater pool and a barrel-shaped sauna serve to relieve tense muscles after a full day of "no, you're on mute." Captain Whidbey Inn on Whidbey Island noticed that, unusually for the cozy waterfront hotel, 90 percent of the mid-2020 clientele was from the Seattle area. The property now notes that its Wi-Fi is much speedier than its relaxed vibe suggests, for once drawing attention to its connectivity rather than fancy-rustic escape.

Work-from-homers aren't the only ones tempted out of their living rooms. Peace Vans, a SoDo outfit that rents both vintage and newer camper vehicles, lowered its minimum number of nights from six to four for September and October, encouraging parents to take the kids for a mobile homeschooling trip. Owner Harley Sitner pioneered their Adventure School experience himself: "We were feeling bad for ourselves. School's online and my 10 year old is depressed, so we said, 'Let's make this fun'." His staff developed an actual curriculum of offline lesson plans, from stargazing to knot-tying, complete with worksheets. "Even when people go back to school, we want to keep offering it," Sitner says. For those that need a digital connection to existing work and school programs, Peace Vans tracks connectivity options at a selection of campsites around Washington state. 

Just east of the Cascades at the 6,000-acre Suncadia Resort, school is also part of the equation. On four days in September and October, the hotel offers a half-day Outdoor School for kids, and on other days guests can grab a self-led Outdoor School in a Box package or Suncadia Scouts workbook. A Work from Hyatt package—the sprawling resort is part of the national chain—includes complimentary laundry access and a food credit for work snacks.

The only catch: It might be hard to convince everyone that you're truly focused when there's a crashing beach wave behind you. Call us when someone makes a fake Zoom background of a cluttered house so no one knows just where "work from home" is taking place.

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