Snug Spots to Spend a Snowy Day

Timberline Lodge Fireplace
The famous mountainside hotel is basically built around a nearly 100-foot stone chimney (above) stacked with two floors of wood-burning hearths.

Archibald James Ciderworks
Downtown Leavenworth’s new tasting room from the Cashmere booze makers pours dry apple ciders, fermented with apricots or mixed with pinot gris.

Washington State Ski and Snowboard Museum
Vintage ski togs and rope tow gears line the Snoqualmie Pass exhibit, but videos of Olympic and Paralympic feats earn center stage.

4 Nuggets of Winter Wisdom 

Helpers at chain-up spots on a snowy highway aren’t just good Samaritans; they should have WSDOT permits to perform their service and can only charge a preset price. At $25 per regular vehicle, it’s almost always worth their help.

When Washington highway signs note “Tire chains required,” four- and all-wheel drive vehicles can do without—as long as drivers pack a set in the car. “Chains required on all vehicles” exempts no one.

SDOT’s snow plan includes identifying roads to be cleared of frozen crud first in a storm; major arterials like 15th Avenue West, 23rd Avenue East, and Aurora get plow priority.

Seattle Public Schools cancellations or delays are broadcast on local TV and radio just like in the olden days, but the district’s Facebook and Twitter are now the fastest ways to get the good/bad snow day news.

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