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1. Space Noodles

The best in puns and pasta. Made in Washington, Central Terminal, $8

2. Sound Transit Water Bottle

Show off light rail pride with a Fireworks canteen that’s already retro; where’s the Capitol Hill station? Fireworks 2, North Satellite, $24

3. Nirvana Bleach Cassette

Skip the newest Sleater-Kinney vinyl (won’t fit in a carry-on); brand-new cassette tapes are tiny plastic nostalgia bombs. Sub Pop, Central Terminal, $8

4. Sub Pop Shirt

The record label store is probably the best boutique south of Georgetown, and its branded shirts are genuinely stylish. Sub Pop, Central Terminal, $24

5. Raindrop Ornament

Point to the Glass Eye Studio tag that notes it contains ash from the Mount St. Helens, a reminder that Washington has the country’s most badass volcano. Made in Washington, Central Terminal, $25

6. Blue Thunder Glassybaby

It takes five glassblowers to make each Seahawks-hued glass votive holder, and you can’t buy this color combo anywhere but the airport. Glassybaby, C Gates, $75

7. Proper 2013 Estate Syrah

Don’t tarnish the good name of Washington wine by buying from a lesser gift shop; the wine bar’s shelves have some legit pours. Vino Volo, Central Terminal, $59

8. Dinosaur Booties

At the tiny outpost of a Pike Place Market stall, the hand-crocheted animal feet are next-level cute. Seattle Hats, C Gates, $20

9. Jcoco Chocolate

Though Seattle Chocolates are sold throughout the airport, only the dedicated stall has the Jcoco line with edamame sea salt and agave-quinoa-sesame varieties. Seattle Chocolates, C Gates, $2.50 each

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