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Disc golf with a view

Yoga Backpacking

If you’re used to looking inward instead of at squirrels and trees and junk, try a five-day trip with minimal hiking led by three Seattle yoga instructors; day trips are also available. Rainier Yoga and Backpacking, $797,

Disc Golf

The problem with hiking: You can’t win at it, unless you count not being eaten by a bear. Crystal Mountain’s free summit Frisbee course gives the outdoor experience what it so badly needs: scorekeeping.  Free with gondola ride,

Train Rides

Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad entertains the antsy with rides that include booze, banjo tunes, BBQ, and, sure, a Civil War reenactment.  Rails to Ales, Banjo Train and BBQ, and Civil War Train, $32–$57,

Helicopter Tour

You’re inside! But looking outside! Oh, and you’re getting the best view without even working up a sweat.  Mount St. Helens summit and crater tour, $299,

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