You hardly need a reason for a road trip in the summer, but here are four: the only drive-in movie theaters left in the state. Auburn's Valley 6 Drive-in went dark this year, so you might as well give these a whirl—someday, you'll tell your grandkids you saw a drive-in in person, back before the iTunes Store was surgically implanted in everyone's skulls.

Port Townsend's Wheel-in Motor Movie
Where: At the intersection of Highways 19 and 20 just south of Port Townsend.
What's playing: A double feature of Star Trek Into Darkness and After Earth, Wednesday through Sunday at dusk.
Snacks to sneak in: The pie at Chimacum Cafe is pretty epic...maybe grab a whole one.
After the show: Stay in a castle, or at least a big fancy house that looks like one, at Manresa Castle.

Shelton's Skyline Drive-in
Where: On Highway 101 just south of Shelton.
What's playing: A double feature of Epic and Iron Man 3 World War Z and After Earth, nightly at dusk.
Snacks to sneak in: You could beg for a to-go box from Xinh's Clam and Oyster House, but better to just buy snacks at the drive-in—their recent fundraising drive means a new digital projector, making it one of the state's best bets for long-term survival.
After the show: Gamble the night away at Little Creek Casino and Resort.

Colville's Auto Vue Drive-in
Where: Off Highway 20 between Kettle Falls and Coleville
What's playing: A double feature of Fast & Furious 6 and The Purge, Friday through Sunday at dusk (no website, but call 509-684-2863).
Snacks to sneak in: Aw, this is the last season for Eastern Washington's only drive-in and they suffered their third annual break-in in April. Throw them a bone by buying snacks at the concession stand.
After the show: While you're way out in Eastern Washington, make the most of it—Beaver Lodge Resort has camping and cabins on Lake Gillette about 30 miles east of the drive-in.

Oak Harbor's Blue Fox Drive-in
Where: Just south of Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island.
What's playing: A double feature of Monsters University and Man of Steel, daily at dusk.
Snacks to sneak in: The Blue Fox really doesn't like outside food, but you could try with real sweet tea and southern-style pulled pork and ribs from Oak Harbor's The BBQ Joint. But this week's concession special is $.50 hot dogs and $.50 sodas, so maybe you shouldn't bother with the rule-breaking.
After the show: Everything's quaint in nearby Coupeville; land in a cute hotel like The Blue Goose Inn or Anchorage Inn Bed and Breakfast

Edit 06/25/13:
Rodeo Drive-In
Where: On Highway 3, southwest of Bremerton.
What's playing: Three double features on three separate fields: World War Z and Man of Steel, Monsters University and Iron Man 3, or Now You See Me and Fast and Furious 6, playing every day at dusk.
Snacks to sneak in: There are Philly Cheese Steaks for sale inside, but for dessert swing by Amy's Decadent Chocolates after you get off the ferry in Bremerton.
After the show: Retreat down Highway 3 to Belfair, where the Selah Inn has B&B rooms and a cabin rental on the very tip of Hood Canal. 

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