Escape from Mount Rainier

March 7, 2012 Published in the March 2012 issue of Seattle Met

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"THE CHOPPER SWOOPS back over us, and drops a coffee cup that reads: “A ranger has been shot shooter at large. Call on cell if able to Pierce Co sheriff.” So we hurry even more to get out. An hour later cup no. 2 comes: “Take road to falls and sheriff deputies. We will keep an eye on you. Do not drive from Paradise w/o armed escort….” At this point, we are all pretty worried, since we have nothing but snow shovels and we are having paranoid visions of a sniper bearing down on us. As we just turn the bend in the road, we run into the U.S. Forest Tactical team sent out to get us. They are all armed with assault rifles, camo and enough gear to keep them out for a few long days. As we meet them they get a radio call that the shooter has been found, facedown in a stream dead. They escort us back to the end of the road just above Narada Falls where the ranger’s truck is. Bullet holes and everything."

Natalia Martinez-Paz, from a blog post on, regarding the aftermath of the fatal shooting of Mount Rainier park ranger Margaret Anderson by Benjamin Colton Barnes on January 1, 2012

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