Cool Running

By Hilary Meyerson January 18, 2011 Published in the February 2011 issue of Seattle Met

ON THE LAST SUNDAY of February, more than 6,000 cyclists will disembark the Seattle-to-Bainbridge ferry and pedal through what Bicycling magazine calls one of “four classic rides in the nation.” Thirty-three miles and 2,675 feet of climbing, with typical late-February weather thrown in the mix—they don’t call it Chilly Hilly for nothing. Good thing the riders get treated to steaming hot chili at the finish line. Even better, you don’t have to be a budding Lance Armstrong to participate. “It’s short enough and fun enough to be doable with little or no training,” says Shoreline resident and previous Chilly rider Janne Kaje. “But just nasty enough to remind you that it’s high time to get back on the bike.”

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