Friday Jolt: The B&O Tax Reform Bill


01/13/2012 By Afternoon Jolt

Morning Fizz

"Looks Like I Will Now Be in the New 1st Congressional District"

Thursday Edition. Caffeinated news & gossip starring: Suzan DelBene, Brendan Williams, plastic bags, and Middle East awareness.

12/29/2011 By Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz

To Bring Sexy Back

Wednesday Edition: Mike O'Brien's beard; Jean Godden's endorsements; Paige Green Dunn's blog; Tom Rasmussen's mystery opponent; and Suzan DelBene's money.

07/20/2011 By Morning Fizz


PubliCola Picks Suzan DelBene in the 8th Congressional District

PubliCola endorses Suzan DelBene against incumbent Rep. Dave Reichert in the 8th Congressional District.

10/28/2010 By PublicolaPicks

Morning Fizz

"It's Not Going to be Fine for a Little Bit of Time to Come."

Wednesday Fizz: Out of town guests—U.S. Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) and House Majority Leader U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) (pictured) hit town for their respective party prospects. Also: Corporate logos and Chief Diaz on a "potentially lethal weapon."

09/01/2010 By Morning Fizz


PubliCola Picks Suzan DelBene for US Rep., District 8

Democrat Suzan DelBene—a tech entrepreneur with a liberal agenda—is a better fit for Seattle's Eastside suburbs than incumbent Dave Reichert, who has gained his reputation as a moderate by supporting antagonistic GOP amendments to lefty legislation, then

07/28/2010 By PublicolaPicks


At the State Democratic Convention: DelBene Hits Reichert on Environment, BP

The latest Reichert challenger, Democrat Suzan DelBene, stays on message during this weekend's Democratic convention in Vancouver: Where's Rep. Dave Riechert on BP and the environment?

06/26/2010 By Bryce McKay

Morning Fizz

For Reasons I Could Not Fathom

Caffeinated news and gossip. Your daily Morning Fizz: State Democrats likely to endorse pot initiative; Reichert won't answer questions on BP spill; the first female sheriff of Thurston County?; and dirty phone calls.

06/21/2010 By Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz

What Would Dino Do?

05/28/2010 By Morning Fizz