At the State Democratic Convention: DelBene Hits Reichert on Environment, BP

By Bryce McKay June 26, 2010

The Democrats' latest hope to beat GOP Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA, 8 ), Suzan DelBene, addressed convention delegates Saturday afternoon.

She also took some time for a PubliColaTV interview right afterward, and I'll post the video on Monday, when I also do a more comprehensive wrap on the convention—including a Greatest Hits of my tweets and texts from the floor of the Clark County Events Center—like this text today to my editor after Democratic Party chair Dwight Pelz was trying to recant the recess he'd called for to watch the USA vs. Ghana game:
"Dwight says: 'let's get going. Keep the game on, but with no sound.'"

DelBene hypes herself as a successful business entrepreneur (she was Microsoft VP and helped start tempered with real-world, Main St. experience. "I have over twenty years of business experience, and I've helped launch new businesses," she said during her speech, before going on to describe her family's economic woes: "My parents took my family all over the country as they looked for work. And I can tell you that I know what it's like for a father and a mother to have to ask their daughter for help."

Switching gears, DelBene went on the offensive. She said the the 8th District has a "failure of leadership from Congressman Dave Reichert." Among other issues, DelBene attacked Reichert saying that he failed to "stand up to BP and demand that they pay for the disaster they've created in the gulf."

I followed up with her after the speech, and DelBene hit Reichert again on the environment: "He is not even sure what we should do, and hasn't been able to agree to hold BP accountable," likely referring to this awkward Seattle Times Reichert interview, "or that he's truly supportive of the environment," likely referring to this little run in with local environmental leaders.

I asked DelBene about Reichert's vote for the climate change bill (a bill that Democrats like U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1) cheered), and DelBene changed the topic, hitting Reichert on BP again: "And right now, we have a huge oil spill, and he has not done anything to help address what we need to do to prevent any oil spills in the future."
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