Trail Tales

Mailbox Peak Is Seattle's Quirkiest Hike

One of the hardest hiking trails on the I-90 corridor outside of Seattle, considered a training ground for Rainier, also holds the weirdest summit treat.

09/16/2022 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach

Save Us

Satellite Devices Redefine Safety for Hikers

If you regularly hike or camp in the backcountry, a satellite communicator has become an essential piece of emergency equipment.

08/10/2022 By Allison Williams

Roll Up

Trailhead Direct Restarts Bus Service to Hiking Trails

Forget parking: The peaks just off I-90 become much more accessible with seasonal public transportation.

05/24/2022 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach

Mud Ahoy

Best Rainy Day Hikes Near Seattle

Waterfalls, hot springs, and views made for wet days: The best trails to explore in the Western Washington drizzle, from North Bend to Issaquah.

03/28/2022 By Allison Williams

Muddy Boots

Shoulder Season Hikes for National Take a Hike Day

From short day hikes to longer-haul backpacking opportunities, here are the best fall hikes near Seattle.

11/17/2021 By Allison Williams, Craig Romano, and Seattle Met Staff

Go Green

Trailhead Direct Restarts Bus Service to Hiking Trails

Skip the parking lot shuffle at Mount Si or Tiger Mountain.

06/01/2021 By Allison Williams

Cabin Fever

How to Get Outside: An Updated Primer

We're all craving the great outdoors. Get the latest on how and where to get some nature.

03/16/2020 By Allison Williams

Get Out

Try This Trail: Melakwa Lake

There’s buzz around this alpine destination—both the good and bad kind.

07/19/2012 By Craig Romano


Try This Trail: Ed’s Trail on Silver Star Mountain

It’s wildflower season near Vancouver (no, the other one).

06/25/2012 By Craig Romano


Try This Trail: Saddle Rock

We can’t guarentee sun, but it’s a pretty good bet.

05/18/2012 By Craig Romano


Try This Trail: Old Mount Si

There’s more than one way to the top.

04/09/2012 By Allison Williams


Try This Trail: Heybrook Ridge

When you’re done climbing, take the stairs.

03/22/2012 By Allison Williams

Day Trip

IslandWood on Bainbridge Hosts Hiking Day

An island outdoor school opens up over Thanksgiving weekend.

11/21/2011 By Allie Oosta


Skip Hiking and Join a Trail Crew

A day clearing brush or moving boulders can beat a recreational ramble.

08/15/2011 By Allison Williams

Get Out

Does Snow on the Trail Get You (to Fall) Down?

Check out these bare trails if you’re tired of slipping and sliding.

06/30/2011 By Allison Williams