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A (Seattle) Christmas Story: The Origins of the Santa Photo

In 1943, 75 years ago this month, a Seattle photographer had the idea to take photos of kids with the big guy. But as retail stores close, will the tradition...

12/10/2019 By Marisa Comeau-Kerege

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The 7 Santas You Meet in Seattle

He knows when you aren’t shopping locally.

11/26/2019 By Mac Hubbard

X-Mas Files

As Christmas Goes Corporate, Old-School Santas Are Getting Left Behind

“A company will hire a Santa that’s 18, 19 years old...he has to wear a fake beard, and has no experience, and sits there half asleep.”

11/20/2017 By Emily Alhadeff

National Believe Day

Grant Isaac's Make-A-Wish Dream at Macy's Today

It's a local kid's dream to make toys for other children this holiday. See it come true and find out how you can contribute to Make-A-Wish.

12/12/2014 By Jeremy Buben