Seattle’s Mayoral Race Is Bereft of Legitimate Female Candidates Again

It’s been 75 years since the city has had a female mayor. Why?

05/22/2013 By Erica C. Barnett

One Question

One Question About aPodments

One question about density and aPodments for city council member Sally Bagshaw.

03/08/2013 By Erica C. Barnett

City Hall

Sally Bagshaw: Toward a Rental Housing Inspection Program That Works

Seattle city council member Sally Bagshaw outlines her key priorities for a rental housing inspection program.

04/17/2012 By Sally Bagshaw

City Hall

Sally Bagshaw: "I Am In Favor" of 65-Foot Heights in Roosevelt

City council member Sally Bagshaw joins the chorus of support for higher density in Roosevelt.

12/14/2011 By Erica C. Barnett

On Other Blogs

"My Friend, Scott White"

Seattle City Council member Sally Bagshaw pays tribute to state Sen. Scott White, who died suddenly at the age of 41.

11/07/2011 By Erica C. Barnett

City Hall

No Funding in McGinn's Budget for Bike Plan Update

City Council members propose restoring funding for bike planning that would be eliminated under Mayor Mike McGinn's proposed 2012 budget. Image via Bike Portland.

10/28/2011 By Erica C. Barnett


The Benefits of Bike Greenways

Portland planners make the case for a system of bike greenways in the University District.

09/28/2011 By BikeNerd

City Hall

McGinn, Bagshaw Outline Community Center Cuts

Mayor Mike McGinn and city council member Sally Bagshaw outline cuts to the city's community center program.

09/12/2011 By Erica C. Barnett

Morning Fizz

"The Governor Could Do That Tomorrow."

Thursday Edition: Seriously kids, this is a packed Fizz. We kinda want to nominate ourselves for a Morning Fizz Pulitzer for this one. McKenna on state employees; Licata on Chihuly; Carlyle on the "educational industrial complex;" Bagshaw on charter schoo

04/21/2011 By Morning Fizz

City Hall

Council Proposes Language "Indemnifying" City from Tunnel Cost Overruns

The city council considers agreements with the state that would, in theory, eliminate city responsibility for cost overruns on the downtown deep-bore tunnel. But Mayor Mike McGinn and Council Member Mike O'Brien say the language doesn't go far enough.

07/19/2010 By Erica C. Barnett

City Hall

Council Committee Moves Toward Ditching Surveillance Cameras in Parks

A city council committee moves toward removing controversial surveillance cameras at Cal Anderson Park and suspending the permanent surveillance program.

07/15/2010 By Erica C. Barnett

Morning Fizz

The Law Disproportionately Targets Poor People

Caffeinated news and gossip—your daily Morning Fizz: City Attorney Pete Holmes dramatically scales back unfair prosecutions; City Council—read their lips—no new taxes and no provision on cost overruns; and Bill Gates, Sr. heads to Olympia.

07/01/2010 By Morning Fizz